For Purchasers
For Vendors
  • We offer a two week turn around on contracts and section 32 vendors statement.

  • We will coordinate with your real estate agent and come to you to obtain the verification of identity and authorities to act.

  • We will handle the electronic Conveyancing with the Purchasers and your bank.

  • We will invite you at no extra cost to join the PEXA platform to monitor your settlement and you will be in control of the proceeds of your sale simultaneously as the property settles.

  • We will inform all authorities of your sake

For a guaranteed fixed price please contact us.

  • No obligation review of contract, 24-hour turn around for advice, 7 days a week.

  • Once contract signed, we will come to you to have the Verification of Identity checks and obtain authorities signed.

  • We will conduct all necessary statutory searches to ensure that all amounts have been or are paid to all statutory authorities at or prior to settlement 

  • With the introduction of electronic Conveyancing we will handle the duties on-line to ensure correct stamp duty is paid or concessions claimed 

  • We will coordinate with the vendors representative and your bank to ensure a smooth settlement 

  • We will notify all authorities of your purchase 

  • We are available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions. 


How This Is Priced

In August 2019 the introduction of electronic Conveyancing and the introduction of a new standard contract has dramatically decreased the amount of time involved in land transfer transactions.

Serry Solicitors come to you, and share the cost savings of a lower overhead with its customers. Traditional solicitors and franchised Conveyancing firms have not passed the savings on to their customers.

Whilst the process has been dramatically simplified remember that the devil is in the detail, what’s in or not included in your contract, see our testimonials from clients who have taken up our no-obligation free contract & section 32 vendors statement review.

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